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Housing Program for Men

 Alcohol and Drug in-house Recovery Program Policy

  • JRM will not take known recurring violent criminals, arson, or known sex offenders or persons with known open warrants as residents into the recovery program.
  • All residents must have at least 30  days sobriety to enter the housing program, preferably from a residential program.  Only the Troy house residents will be accepted into the residential program after 10 days of sobriety in a county detox facility.  All residents must test clean before entering into the housing program. 
  • JRM is not equipped to handle long-term illness; if this occurs the resident must look for another facility.  
  • JRM will not be responsible for items left behind by clients who leave the program and will dispose of the items in 14 days after the resident has left the housing area.
  • No one under 18 years of age will be admitted as a JRM house resident.
  • Zero tolerance – No drugs, alcohol, weapons, gambling, theft or sexual misconduct. 
  • Must be able to obtain employment after the first 30 days of in-house requirements or go to work at day labor organizations
  • All house residents must participate in Church, Bible Study, and recovery meetings daily and weekly as scheduled.

Program Outline: Core Program length is six months

  • Residents are required to attend Professional Christian Counseling weekly or bi-weekly to help with the healing process from addiction.  
  • Daily Devotions for encouragement in recovery 
  • Christian 12 Step 
  • Recovery Church Service weekly  
  • Nightly meetings required: either Church, Bible Study or AA/NA meetings  
  • Life-Skills training and Crown Financial to manage money    
  • Mission work is encouraged the first 30 days and thereafter do a couple hours of work each week to give back to the community 
  • Encouraged to build clean, healthy and accountable relationships with others 
  • Life Coach—helps with Life Recovery Plan 
Extended Program 3 months: Recommended 
Men start to work on new life plan, Building Community, Cell, Serving others; create budget per Crown financial principles for their new life start. 


Alcohol and Drug Recovery Program fees range from $70 to $130 weekly for in-house residents.  The fees paid weekly by residents help to cover housing and counseling costs.


Intake Considerations
Joshua Recovery Ministries: 
Requirement for consideration for the in house drug and alcohol Recovery Program:
  • Desire for Life Change
  • Open to Christian teaching
  • Must be employable
  • Open to having your money managed by the ministry, if necessary
  • Willing to be evaluated by a Counselor before acceptance into the program  
  • Single men—dating is not encouraged while in the program; working on recovery is a priority
  • No Major health issues  
  • Have read and understand the basic Alcohol and Drug Recovery Program Policies, Rules and Procedures
  • No overnight stays for first five (5) months of the program
  • Must be escorted the first 30 days wherever you go (applies to Troy House Residents only)  
  • All visitors must be clean and sober, named on the visitors list at intake,  and come on visitation days only. 

Intake Evaluation 

Each candidate must take a written initial evaluation with one of our counselors.   This will help you and Joshua Recovery Ministries determine if we have the right recovery program to assist you in your recovery.   The initial evaluation for intake at Joshua Recovery Ministries Office is $40 and will be on your first invoice.